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Golf is a unique sport. It has, for a long time, been regarded as an elite game and challenging to learn. However, with interest, anyone can learn to play and enjoy golf. It is a highly satisfying sport and provides great exercise too! This site is dedicated to the game, focusing on how it is played in the Queensland area. Within this site, diverse topics are discussed in the following segments.

Golf Clubs and Memberships

Most golf clubs operate on a membership basis. While some of them still accommodate unregistered golfers, there are far more benefits of being registered. This looks at some of these advantages and also explains the process of enrolling in a golf club. There is also a mention of the top golf clubs in Queensland.

Golf Lessons for Beginners

This section discusses how beginner golfers can prepare themselves before they begin taking golf lessons. It also highlights the necessary equipment that a beginner golfer needs to ensure they learn the game quickly.

Golf Club Facilities

Under this segment, the site looks at the different facilities that golf club members get to enjoy across various establishments. It also looks at the necessary etiquette that members should follow to ensure these facilities remain in excellent condition.

Corporate Golf Days

Corporate golf days are becoming an increasingly popular practice in Australia and Queensland in particular. This section discusses how corporates can go about organising auspicious golf days. It also sheds light on the various benefits of holding corporate golf days.

Welcome aboard for an illuminating discussion about the great sport that is golf. Be sure to tag friends here too!