Golf Club Facility Etiquette: Things You Should Observe on the Golf Course

Every sport has rules and regulations for both the sportsmen and the spectators. Even golf, despite being a mostly individual sport, has its own set of rules.

Like the terms and conditions on the casino site, these rules define a wide scope of dos and don’ts for those on the course. They also place fines or punishments for those who break them. Some of the things to observe while on a golf course include the following.

Appropriate Attire

Players are expected to wear the appropriate attire while on the golf course. These include golf shoes and sports shoes. The golf course is often made of layers of well-tended grass or green carpets, so golfers have also to be cautious not to damage this.

Repair any Damage Made on the Course

Golfers are required to repair any pitch marks they make while playing or practising to maintain the golf course in the best condition. To do so, they should insert a turf tool in the soil and press it forward to return the ground into its normal shape. They are to finish this process by gently pressing on the area with their putter. Generally, players are required to find and repair any damage they may cause on the golf course. Damaging the grass is unavoidable due to the impact of the golf ball or because of missed hits.

Right Placement of Club Bags and Carts

Clubs should also be placed carefully in their bags while playing or waiting for your turn. The grass is quite prone to damage, so you must avoid dropping the clubs on it. To prevent this, also make sure that your cart or bag is stable so that it does not fall or speed off. Carts and bags are also not allowed past the green zone and should always be placed on the pathways.