Golf Courses for Beginners: Getting The Basics Right

With interest and focus, you can be a great golfer. Here are some basics for any beginner planning to take golf lessons:

Get the Right Equipment

To start with, you will need at least three clubs: a sand wedge, the driver, and a putter. You require other golf equipment, including the golf ball, clubs, golf bag, and appropriate sporting attire. You also need to ensure you adhere to the golfer’s dress code. In most golf clubs, this includes a simple shirt and shorts or pants plus good sporting shoes which apply for both genders. There are specific balls and clubs made for beginners to ease their practice shots.

Practice with a Partner or Golf Coach

To get the right start in golf, you need to get someone to teach you well. To get the ahead, you can get a golf pro to show you the basics, including chipping, putting, and swinging.


Create a range routine to determine how far you can hit the golf ball. Start with half swings by targeting your short irons and wedges. As you progress, you can stretch the distance and increase your speed. Once you have perfected this, you can move on to middle irons and keep going up gradually.


For beginners, most strokes reach only 50 yards within the green. To improve on this, you need to practice more on your wedges and putter. Perfecting your stroke involves spending more time taking short shots on the golf course. You can also improvise at home or in playing fields to get the right way to aim and pitch balls.


To be good at chipping, you need to learn the right posture when hitting and hold the club appropriately. It is recommended that you practice on flatter grounds which you are comfortable with. To build consistency, you should get your chips as close to the hole as possible to make shots quickly.